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Enter Leap X, Leap's functional training facility.

LeapX, coached by CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 coaches, is the functional fitness and training center of Leap Fitness. It incorporates a training philosophy that combines proper nutrition along with cardiovascular training, the major lifts, and gymnastics. The lifts include the deadlift, clean, squat, press, C&J (clean and jerk) and snatch. The Gymnastics include the pull-up, dip, rope climb, push-up, sit-up, press to handstand, pirouette, flip, split and holds. The sessions, in which the major lifts, gymnastics and cardiovascular training are combined in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow, are kept short and intense. Routine is the enemy. Personal training is also available by the coaches.

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Meet Chuck and Kylynn! Chuck Sinclair (left) is a CrossFit L2 Coach and Kylynn McKinley (right) is a CrossFit L1 Coach for LeapX.

Come check out their classes and get a workout like no other!