Ben's Senior Project

Here is a fun story about a high school senior that decided to do his senior project on LeapFitness. A little bit about his project:

At my high school every senior has the option to do a 5 week internship as their “Senior Project”. For mine I decided to work at Leap for a few reasons. I have always been passionate about fitness and enjoy working out myself, my mother is a member at Leap and I had visited a few times and really liked it, I had already established a good relationship with some of the trainers when I DJed one of Leap’s spin classes.

My blogging at Leap is centered around my positive experience here as a “new member”. I’m writing about my first spin class, my experience in the muscle conditioning classes, and TRX classes. I also intend to write about some of the equipment that is available at Leap, and analyze the various exercises and muscle groups they are optimised for. As a part of my project I am also interviewing a number of personal trainers and physical therapists, at Leap and elsewhere, to see what it takes to follow that career path.

Stay tuned for a few of his blog write ups from his experience while he was collaborating with Leap!