Ben's Senior Project: Part 3

Blog 3. Parkinson's (5/18/16) 

Pursuing fitness is not just for those who are looking to sculpt their bodies, it is also for health and wellness. I recently had the amazing experience of helping out with a class for people suffering from Parkinson's disease. The amount of soul that these men and women put into their workouts is unmatched by any other. Whether they were doing an easy exercise or something more challenging, they always put their all into the workout.

Some of the exercises seemed quite easy for some of the class members, while other exercises, even if they looked very simple, were incredibly difficult for many of the participants. Certain simple motions were almost impossible for them, due to their disease, but the more they do these exercises, the more their range of motion will increase over time. Throughout my project I have been exploring whether or not personal training is something I would want to pursue as a career path. The experience of this class showed me the rewarding nature of helping someone else improve their physical health, even in the face of a major illness, which has made the job that much more inspiring.