Ben's Senior Project: Part 2

Blog 2. My First Spin Class (4/25/16) 

Hi! This is Ben checking in again. I mentioned in my last post that my mentor, Lisa, is a personal trainer, but that is just one of the many roles Lisa plays here at Leap Marblehead. She is also a Spin instructor and teaches several very popular spin classes per week. My first day interning at Leap, I decided to check out one of her classes. I had no idea how challenging it would be, until about five minutes into the class I was ready to quit. Luckily, Lisa makes sure everyone goes at their own pace, and I got through the class just fine. I even enjoy spinning now. A wide range of people enjoy spinning as well, of all ages and genders. I have met a number of wonderful people in these classes, some of which, after hearing about my project, asked if I would be willing to train them! Not only have I found spin to be an incredible cardio and lower body exercise, I have also made some crucial connections in the classes.