Ben's Senior Project: Part 1

Blog 1. Personal Training (5/5/16)

    Hello! My name is Ben Taliesin and I am a senior at Marblehead High School. I am currently completing my senior project interning at the Leap facility in Marblehead learning about personal training and fitness. My mentor is Lisa Wales, a highly qualified personal trainer at the Leap gym. As part of my internship, I have been observing her work as a personal trainer.

To better understand her work, she has been personally training me so that I can learn, hands on, how to train others. I have even been able to work with a few others who were interested in being trained themselves. One of my “clients” is a young man, 12-years of age. His initial fitness goal was simply to become more active. I worked with Lisa to craft a few different routines for him that meet his fitness goals. I am helping him with his main goal of muscle conditioning. Hopefully, he will continue his routines throughout the summer, and I intend to assist him even after my project is complete.