Importance of Physical Fitness

So often we equate fitness with vanity, the desire to fit into smaller jeans or to look better at the beach. And while these aren’t bad motivating factors for exercise the importance of good overall cardio health and core strength in our daily lives cannot be stressed enough.

I was reminded of this simple fact during a recent conversation with a regular participant in my MUSCLE CONDITIONING class which occurs three mornings per week at LeapMarblehead.

It had been over a week since I had last seen this gentleman and when asked where he had been, this is what he said:

While working on my boat during rough sea conditions I unexpectedly lost balance and began to fall overboard. I was certain I was going into the water but as the lifelines passed by, I grabbed on. Not only was I surprised at my ability to stop the fall but I had the strength in my upper body, lower body and core to pull myself into a bridge position and slowly work my way back on deck and to safety. While I did sustain a few pulled muscles there is no question that without my weekly attendance in your muscle conditioning class that I would have gone into the cold water and been presented with other more serious challenges!

While I am sorry this happened, I am so incredibly proud of him.

Stories like this only demonstrate the importance of good core strength that we need in our everyday lives so take advantage of LEAP’s TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP and join us for a class.