Thursday Cool Down at Fenway

Here's a collection of some of the recent performers at our Fenway location's Thursday Cool Down program. Thanks to the performers for helping our members relax before and after their workouts with some live music!

  • Left: Rodger Nicholson
  • Center: Steven Moreno Alissa Gutowski from the Boston Conservatory
  • Right: Hugh MacDonald from Berklee College of Music who grew up in the UK and South Africa

Performing tonight at LeapFenway!

"Hey my name is Orion. I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. I've been playing guitar for 9 years now and I currently study at the Berklee College of Music. I am in my 4th semester and I'm studying contemporary writing and production."

"Sam Woolf is a singer from Bradenton, FL. He is well known for his American Idol appearance in 2014, achieving 5th place overall in the competition. Sam and I have been playing together now for 2 years."

Here is one of the songs we wrote together -

Come check us out live TONIGHT AT 7:00PM!



Thursday night at LeapFenway

Joshua Nadal performed at Leap Fitness on March 9th. He is a third year student at the Berklee School of Music where he is studying music education. He is also a native of Boston and specializes in the electrical and acoustical guitar. Joshua is a high school and middle school music educator where he is responsible for several championships. Thanks for the great performance Joshua!